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Lineage Report
Organism Blast Name Score Number of Hits Description
root 55
.Simiiformes primates 52
..Catarrhini primates 48
...Hominoidea primates 32
....Hominidae primates 31
.....Homininae primates 30
......Homo sapiens primates 444 18
......Gorilla gorilla gorilla primates 259 1
......Pan paniscus primates 193 2
......Pan troglodytes primates 167 9
.....Pongo abelii primates 187 1
....Nomascus leucogenys primates 176 1
...Mandrillus leucophaeus primates 298 2
...Chlorocebus sabaeus primates 291 5
...Rhinopithecus roxellana primates 287 2
...Rhinopithecus bieti primates 281 1
...Cercocebus atys primates 270 2
...Macaca mulatta primates 261 2
...Papio anubis primates 255 1
...Macaca fascicularis primates 250 1
..Callithrix jacchus primates 248 4
.synthetic construct other sequences 444 3

Organism Report

Lineage Report Taxonomy Report
Organism Report
Description Score E value Accession
Homo sapiens (human) [primates] Next Previous First
444 5e-121 AL500522
444 5e-121 AC239921
444 5e-121 NM_001009615
444 5e-121 DQ336115
444 5e-121 DQ336114
444 5e-121 AY825030
444 5e-121 AL080239
438 2e-119 DQ336112
438 2e-119 DQ336113
438 2e-119 DQ336111
220 9e-54 NG_021225
220 9e-54 NM_001009614
220 9e-54 DQ336121
220 9e-54 DQ336120
220 9e-54 DQ336119
220 9e-54 DQ336118
220 9e-54 AY825029
220 9e-54 AL356499
synthetic construct [other sequences] Next Previous First
444 5e-121 AB464238
444 5e-121 BC146378
444 5e-121 BC146546
Mandrillus leucophaeus (drill) [primates] Next Previous First
298 4e-77 XM_011993035
261 5e-66 XM_011993034
Chlorocebus sabaeus (green monkey) [primates] Next Previous First
291 7e-75 XM_007992881
291 7e-75 XM_007992880
291 7e-75 XM_007992875
250 1e-62 XM_007992886
244 5e-61 XM_007992882
Rhinopithecus roxellana (golden snub-nosed monkey) [primates] Next Previous First
287 9e-74 XM_010384761
211 5e-51 XM_010358137
Rhinopithecus bieti (black snub-nosed monkey) [primates] Next Previous First
281 4e-72 XM_017866614
Cercocebus atys (sooty mangabey) [primates] Next Previous First
270 9e-69 XM_012081540
261 5e-66 XM_012081539
Macaca mulatta (Rhesus monkey) [primates] Next Previous First
261 5e-66 XM_015129400
250 1e-62 XM_001090509
Gorilla gorilla gorilla (western lowland gorilla) [primates] Next Previous First
259 2e-65 XM_019018974
Papio anubis (olive baboon) [primates] Next Previous First
255 2e-64 XM_009198384
Macaca fascicularis (crab-eating macaque) [primates] Next Previous First
250 1e-62 XM_005594746
Callithrix jacchus (white-tufted-ear marmoset) [primates] Next Previous First
248 4e-62 XM_017968354
244 5e-61 XM_002763354
244 5e-61 XM_002763353
243 2e-60 XM_017968357
Pan paniscus (pygmy chimpanzee) [primates] Next Previous First
193 2e-45 XM_008969910
167 1e-37 XM_003816816
Pongo abelii (Sumatran orangutan) [primates] Next Previous First
187 9e-44 XM_009235341
Nomascus leucogenys (northern white-cheeked gibbon) [primates] Next Previous First
176 2e-40 XM_003271066
Pan troglodytes (chimpanzee) [primates] Next Previous First
167 1e-37 XM_016943001
167 1e-37 XM_016947447
167 1e-37 AC193035
167 1e-37 CT826194
137 9e-29 AC191873
137 9e-29 NM_001042629
137 9e-29 DQ336131
137 9e-29 CT574569
73.1 3e-09 XM_016942659