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Lineage Report
Organism Blast Name Score Number of Hits Description
Homo sapiens primates 115 31

Organism Report

Lineage Report Taxonomy Report
Organism Report
Description Score E value Accession
Homo sapiens (human) [primates] Next Previous First
115 3e-22 XR_001736761
115 3e-22 XM_016999954
115 3e-22 XM_011509013
115 3e-22 XM_011509010
115 3e-22 HQ659120
115 3e-22 HQ659119
115 3e-22 HQ659118
115 3e-22 HQ659117
115 3e-22 HQ659116
115 3e-22 HQ659115
115 3e-22 HQ659114
115 3e-22 HQ659113
115 3e-22 HQ659112
115 3e-22 HQ659111
115 3e-22 HQ659110
115 3e-22 HQ659109
115 3e-22 HQ659108
115 3e-22 HQ659107
115 3e-22 HQ659106
115 3e-22 HQ659105
115 3e-22 HQ659104
115 3e-22 HQ659103
115 3e-22 AC238719
115 3e-22 AC236928
115 3e-22 BX546444
115 3e-22 BX323838
115 3e-22 CR753863
115 3e-22 AC005000
115 3e-22 S60754
115 3e-22 L07935
106 2e-19 AL772226

Taxonomy Report

Organism Report Lineage Report
Taxonomy Report
Taxonomy Number of hits Number of Organisms Description
Homo sapiens 31 1